Dinknesh Ethiopia Tour

Ethiopia, the only African country never to be colonized, is a country of proud peoples – over 80 different ethnic groups, many still living as they did years ago.  Ethiopia is home to many historical landmarks, monasteries, and religious antiquities including the world famous Lalibela, 11 medieval, rock-hewn churches, each carved entirely out of a single block of granite with its roof at ground level.  The Ark of the Covenant is purported to reside in the sacred city of Axum making Ethiopia rich in early Christian history.

With the Rift Valley, the Simien Mountains, home to gelada monkeys and the Bale Mountains, home to the rare Ethiopian wolf, savannas, rainforests, the Blue Nile, beautiful lakes, and the Denakil Desert, Ethiopia offers a wide variety of stunning landscapes to explore.  Ethiopia is recognized as the birthplace of humanity and home to the oldest hominoid, “Lucy”.  In fact, Dinknesh is the Ethiopian name for “Lucy”, directly translated as ‘you are special’.

The mission of Dinknesh Ethiopia Tour (DET) is to maintain an ethical, client oriented business by providing the most cost effective, most reliable, and best value tour services in Ethiopia.  This family owned and managed, prominent tour operator prides itself on delivering prompt response to itinerary requests, creative trip design, excellent guides, well-maintained and modern vehicles, a focused attention to detail, special touches for clients, plus strong relationships within the country and commitment to local charities.  Their goal is to deliver an unsurpassed Ethiopia experience that will delight your guests.