Our Services

Armed with a database of leading tour operators and high end travel agents in the US and Canada, the focus is on personal meetings, trade show representation and industry functions for that personal connection.  Timely, yet not too frequent newsletters are another source of valuable communications along with web training.

My sales style has always been to find that unique sales proposition and bring “the product” alive through storytelling and personal experiences.  The cornerstones of my sales successes in both the travel and magazine industries have always been a passion for what I sell, product knowledge and helpful service.

Does your product and every consumer touchpoint reflect your brand? What is your brand? I can assist you with an evaluation of your marketing strategy and materials to ensure that you are communicating with your target audience via a consistent, engaging message.


My job is to liaise with the travel trade, listen to their needs and provide creative ideas and solutions to help them close business and build their travel bookings. Much of the sales process is educational through product knowledge of amazing destinations around the globe and representation of quality, boutique in-country operators and properties. Trust and credibility are essential to the sales process, as is the ability to articulate your brand personality and what distinguishes your product. My sales program includes: personal sales calls + phone / electronic communications + industry relations + market intel + reporting + familiarization trips.


Does your lodge, property, service and management deliver the 4* or 5* experience that you sell? After many years of traveling the world as a consumer and then as a travel trade professional, I will assess your deliverable experiences and provide recommendations.

Property & Service Assessment

Brand + Strategy Consulting + Training – What is your mission?  Your passion?  Brand essence?  Are those integrated into every touchpoint of your company, both internal and external?  Does every one of your team members understand the importance of his or her job and how he or she impacts client travel?  If not, I can develop a comprehensive brand strategy and internal training for your company. Upon the completion of your brand strategy, I can develop your marketing communication materials: brochures, logo, tagline, website design.

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