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Takims Holidays

With over 65 years of creating memorable experiences in Tanzania and one of the first safari companies licensed by the government in 1980, Takims Holidays is recognized as one of the leading tour and safari outfitters throughout Tanzania. This boutique DMC takes great pride in its insider knowledge and gracious hospitality.

Takims Holidays has a specially modified fleet of Land Cruiser four-wheel-drive vehicles and a full-time staff of 15 driver/guides who receive annual field training as well as classroom communication training to ensure the best possible experiences for safari-goers.

Whether you want an incredible safari experience, a breathtaking beach experience, or an amazing adventure like climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Takims Holidays can customize exactly the trip of a lifetime.

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Royal Migration Camp

The Founders of the Royal Migration Camps have spent decades in the wilds of India and Africa and have found success with their ventures in the bush. Each of them has a unique set of skills, and whilst one specializes in creating luxury wildlife experiences, the other has exemplary ground handling experience in Tanzania. The camp is also associated with Shaaz Jung, who works very closely with National Geographic as a photographer and cinematographer.


Uganda Safari Chapter

Visiting Uganda, you can see the whole of Africa in this beautiful country. It is Africa condensed, with the best of everything the continent has to offer packed into one stunning destination.

Uganda also has the highest concentration of primates on earth including the majestic mountain gorilla. This is the Uganda we know, and the Uganda we are proud to show to the world.

Karibu ….Welcome to Uganda. The Uganda we know and love so well.  Owned and managed by three Ugandans with over 30 years in the luxury safari business.

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Royal Expeditions

Royal Expeditions was founded in 1993 by the Princess of Jodhpur, Rani Chandresh Kumari, who was a long-time member of Parliament and Minister for Culture. Her connections and vast network paired with the most knowledgeable and hospitable staff in the hospitality industry have made Royal Expeditions the elite choice for an insider's view of exploring India, Nepal, and Bhutan.

Managed by Vishal Singh, a founding and current board member of TOFT, Tour Operators for Tigers, Royal Expeditions also has expertise in India's wildlife and conservation efforts.

Royal Expeditions specializes in both group and individual travel, as well as special interest tours for media, photographers, and more.

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TOFT's mission is to advocate, plan, support, and fund the protection, conservation, and rewilding of natural wilderness and their wild inhabitants, especially tiger habitat, through the clever and wise use of nature tourism, using better visitor guidance, more community involvement, targeted green investment and enhanced governance and monitoring.

The Indian subcontinent has a rapidly increasing demand for wilderness and wildlife tourism as its biodiversity riches are realized and its economy and need for leisure time grows. This can provide the driver to effect an extraordinary new template for saving the remaining forests critical to the survival of tigers and many of the other subcontinent's precious and iconic species.

Visitors themselves become a destination's strongest advocates for the protection, conservation, and financial support and ensure that next generations continue to cherish these wildernesses and wildlife. We work to encourage all travel professionals to support and join our conservation effort, along with committing to use the only PUG accredited ground operators and safari lodges that have demonstrated best conservation practices.

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Más offers guests the ultimate luxury experience while allowing you to access the most remote, untouched corners of Baja Mexico and its aquatic wildlife.

Baja is home to some of the world’s most coveted marine megafauna including gray, blue, humpback, whales, orcas, along with whale sharks and six other species, mobula and manta rays, dolphins, sea lions and more.  These magnificent creatures can be experienced via snorkeling.

We look forward to welcoming you to our home, famous for Mexican hospitality, for your adventure of a lifetime.  Your “home away from home” will be either a luxury tented camp or private charter on our luxury expedition yacht or catamaran yacht.


Via Natura

Via Natura is a boutique, bespoke DMC with passionate experts in their offices in Ecuador, Galapagos and Peru.

With a commitment to immersive experiences based on client interests, Via Natura can craft agro-tourism and culinary delights at wineries and chocolate haciendas in Ecuador and Pisco distilleries in Peru, wildlife experiences, amazon river cruises, Galapagos small ship cruising, train expeditions and more throughout Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. They go the extra mile in creating unique experiences at private locations that people can’t craft on their own.

Via Natura believes that luxury is defined as much by distinctive experiences and curates once in a lifetime itineraries that include unique and high end accommodations.

Monserrat Galapagos Cruise

Via Natura is the owner of the Monserrat Yacht in the Galapagos, took over the operation of this First Class Yacht in early 2021 and finished renovations that March.

Monserrat has 10 cabins and a maximum of 20 guests. You will find 6 upper deck cabins with panoramic windows and 4 lower deck cabins with portholes. At full capacity, there are 2 experienced naturalists who will expertly guide guests to all that Galapagos offers.

Monserrat’s outdoor sun and shade decks and social areas are larger than most yachts of a similar category. As a 4* yacht with 5* service and food, the Monserrat was refurbished in March, 2021 with several upgrades including:

  • upgraded linens
  • a new al fresco lunch area on the sun deck
  • a new bar on the main deck
  • new furniture on the main lounge and
  • HEPA-filter air purifiers and independent air conditioning in every cabin

From 3-night to 14-night itineraries, the Monserrat visits far and remote locations in the Galapagos, including Fernandina, the West of Isabela and Genovesa islands. The Monserrat can accommodate any guests’ time frame for exploring one of the world’s most amazing collections of wildlife.